EXHIBITION DESIGN - Bringing our broad expertise in architecture, museum design and exhibitions, we are in a unique position to offer an array of services. We produce inspirational designs and unique built environments that engage a wide audience to promote a greater depth of understanding and enquiry. 

As museum professionals the associates follow museum best practice providing curatorial experience, technicians and installation, conservation, iwi liaison, graphics and procurement, collection management and negotiate collection loans and repatriation. 

An awareness of cost-efficiency and innovative build ability are an integral part of our work.

We offer two types of service for exhibitions :

• a ‘turnkey’ approach, from concept to realization of the project.
• working within a team at all levels.


ARCHITECTURE - Focusing on innovative design concepts, we deliver quality building solutions to all our projects.

We have experience in all fields of architecture ranging from quality domestic architecture, alterations, social housing to commercial building, public and retail design.